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Elite Bullet Bottle - 500 ML

Over the last three years Great Canadian Water Co has been trying to find a bottle that would be unique, yet familiar, while appealing to more people then the Smooth Bullet Bottle. As of January of 2018, that search is over! We are proud to introduce to you our Elite Bullet Bottle. What a pretentious name! I know, we're working on it, but for now bear with us. It truly is elite!

So what makes this bottle so special? A few things make this bottle stand out. No.1, more of your label is visible when looking at the bottle. What can be more important than having a bottle that does the best job possible of showcasing your label. Reason No.2, it feels more substantial in your hand. During our survey one of the most common comments was that people perceived the Elite Bullet Bottle to have more value than the other bottles. Our goal was to create a bottle that best reflected the high quality of the brands represented on the label and our survey feedback overwhelmingly agreed that this bottle does just that.

Smooth Bullet Bottle - 500 ML

By far the most common bottle custom labeled is the Smooth Bullet Bottle. It is a popular choice because it gives significant label space while putting out a compelling bottled water product that is pleasing to the eye. Think of the Smooth Bullet Bottle as your billboard and offering the opportunity to get a strong message across with lasting impact. The sleek, smooth design of the bullet bottle still provides a firm feel and gives the bottle a feeling of high retail quality, especially when paired with world class spring water and the advantage of a high definition label.

BPA Free Plastic

All of the bottles at Great Canadian Water Co are made from 100% BPA Free Plastic.

Personalized and Custom Labeled Bottled Water for BC and Canada and Beyond

Need a different bottle shape? Even a different bottle colour?

Great Canadian Water Company has one goal and that is to win your loyalty. We believe that one order from us and you will be smitten. To do that we approach every customer as though you our already our best customer and we aim to be your source for custom labeled bottled water BC and across Canada. Although our main offering is what we focus on if you have needs for a different bottle style we will try and fulfill it. We have done this in the past by pairing customers together to make the order size work as minimum order quantities are almost always the biggest hurdle in custom orders.


If you have other bottle shape and size requests outside of the 500ml Elite and Smooth Bullet Bottle don't hesitate to ask.  Although Great Canadian Water Co. focuses on the aforementioned bottles as our top sellers, we can also create a custom program with a bottle shape and size that suits what you are trying to accomplish.

Smooth elite bullet bottle designs for custom labeled bottled water in BC

Smooth bullet bottle designs for custom labeled bottled water in BC